Surge Viper 12 Pro Fishing Kayak


The Viper 12 Pro will take you to fishing spots often inaccessible any other way.

Great all round midsize fishing kayak perfect most situations for inland waterways and shoreline adventures. Versatile length and fitted with a rudder, the Viper 12 is efficient in the water, tracks and responds well. The molded in centre catch tank provides a great storage option for fish & bait and also features a clip down lid with multiple mounting options for additional accessories or a fish finder.

With 3 rod holders, loads of space and stability on the water, you will be ready to take your fishing adventures to the next level.

*This is the same kayak as the Surge Viper 12 with the seat from the standard swapped to the Pro (metal and fabric seat)* If it’s not showing as available on line it is likely available as an upgrade option on the standard Viper 12 – Please contact us for details.

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