Pedal Power

It’s no secret that motor boats are expensive, and the cost only really starts once you’re on the way home from the dealer. Trailer registration,boat license, mooring fees and general maintenance costs are unequivocably expensive. We get it though, throwing a line in from the rocks just isn’t the same as sinking a lure deep into the blue.

Our staff at SURGE kayaks have long made the transition into Kayaks. The versatility of throwing a ‘yak on the roof racks and launching from any beach they desire is just too good to pass. The feeling of coming in from a predawn cast, loaded with fish for the week is simply not comparable with the hassle of launching a motorboat. By the time a tinnie is in the water, a fishing kayak has caught its first fish. 

Consider the change. All our range is fishing rod compatible from our entry level Pluto to the flotilla that is the Breakout.