Crystal waters of Exmouth



Perth seems to be copping the brunt of the winter weather lately. In order to shake the winter blues, and keep their kids from destroying the house amidst growing cabin fever, Surge customers Brian and Lisa load their  Pluto and Neptune and point the family north for their annual Exmouth escape.

Exmouth lies 13 hours north of Perth and boasts some of Australia’s best reef right from the beach. The Ningaloo Reef’s warm and tranquil waters stretch from shark bay to 100km past Exmouth. Although the locals complain when the water drops below 20 degrees and the sun isn’t baking everything in its sight, for everyone else, winter is the time to make the break to the warmer climate without breaking the bank with international air fares.

Pack the tent, hitch the caravan or leave it all behind and stay at one of Exmouth’s many resorts – it’s entirely up to you. Just make sure you don’t leave your paddling kit behind. Drive up to one of Ningaloos many empty beaches, walk your boat 10 meters to the ocean and the day is yours. Epic fishing, quality surf and a whole world of marine life under your hull. Grab an anchor, paddle out to your own section of reef and explore the watery world below.


We highly recommend a whale shark tour while your there!

So come in store, get your whole family set for under $1000 and you’ll be ready for a much needed winter break. All we ask is you leave the pristine environment as you found it for the next family’s escape.


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Exmouth Winter getaway could be the epic family adventure you have been wanting to do for a while