Surge Inflatable Kayak Single Incl Pump Repair Kit, Fin 338 x 80 x 30cmx 80cm x 25cm


The Surge Inflatable Kayak uses the technology from inflatable paddle boards and ISUP’s and created a great paddling inflatable kayak. This is not the rubber raft from your childhood, this is a kayak for paddling.

Made from drop stitch material this kayak is easily inflated to make a very stiff kayak but due to the 3-dimensional shape does not require a lot of pressure so doesn’t need much pumping. Strong light and stiff they paddle well enabling you to have a longer faster kayak that is also lighter than a shorter slower heavier hard kayak

Packing quickly and easily into a bag for storage and transport they are great for those with space limitations such as travellers or townhouse dwellers, or those without space on their roof racks.

Surge Drop Stitch inflatable kayaks are pumped to a much lower level of pressure (and volume) than an iSUP making it a lot easier and quicker to get them ready for the water than a stand-up paddle board you may have experience with. The provided pump is a dual action (optional) pump- It can pump air on the up and the down stroke or just on the down stroke your preference. It can also be used to suck all the air out should you wish to fully compress the kayak (Not necessary for ordinary usage but may be useful). Comes with a built-in pressure gauge and metal shaft.

They have a hard plastic and sharply tapered bow and stern to help cut through chop and swell and run smoothly over the water. Their length and stiffness make a fast cruising and recreational craft with even enough space to carry gear for camping trips if you choose.

Because these kayaks are so light and have a flat bottom to make them super stable they also come with a removable (tool free) fin (or skeg) to make them easy to paddle in a straight line even when it’s really windy.

Sealable scupper holes have plugs that can be opened to allow drainage in rougher water (or when you climb back in after a swim and bring in half the ocean with you) or closed to keep you super dry when the water is not as rough so the surge inflatable kayak can be used in many conditions.

A deluxe adjustable seat and footrest are included to provide comfort whilst paddling

The provided paddle is a collapsible 4 piece aluminium shafted paddle making it tough light and easy (and small) to stow for transport fitting it inside the carrying bag these kayaks easily fit into.

Made from a Triple layer PVC Construction, with Reinforced drop-stitching, Heavy duty inflation valves, UV & oil-resistant finish these are very durable kayaks and handle most abuse well no need to be worried about a puncture from hitting a rock. That said they are easy to repair and come with a patch kit should the unthinkable happen

These kayaks paddle like a kayak not like that one you might have had as a kid.

Also available as a double for two people.

Measuring 338cm x 80cm x 30cm when inflated

Length 338 cm

Width: 80 cm

Height: 30 cm

Floor Depth: 8 cm

Sides’ thickness:10 cm

Max Capacity: 130 kg

Weight: 15.5 kg

Comes with: Pump, 4 Piece paddle, Deluxe Kayak Seat, Foot Rest, Detachable Fin, Transport/ Storage Bag & Repair Kit

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